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Fight Climate Change

Earth’s getting hot. Too hot not to handle, actually. Continued climate action from America is a must for me!

Kids’ Health

They can’t vote but I can. I’m voting to ensure kids around the world can live healthy lives without the fear of preventable diseases like Malaria or Measles.

Peace and Justice

It’s up to us to keep the peace. On November 8th, I’m voting like the whole world’s watching!

Ending Hunger and Poverty

Hunger is not a game. For some, access to a basic need like food hinges on American leadership. This November, I’m voting to fight world hunger and extreme poverty.

Girls’ and Women's Rights

When the rights of women and girls are secure, we get healthier, stronger and more productive communities. This November, I’m voting to stand up for all women.

U.S. Leadership Around the World

If we want our country to be a world leader, we’ve gotta act like it! I’m voting like U.S. leadership sets an example for the rest of the world. (Because, hello, it does!)

@BetterWorldOrg, 49 years ago



We at the Better World Campaign, along with our partners, care about the world. We bet you do, too. This election matters, and your vote counts. Vote like the world depends on it.

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